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How to Enjoy Tech Without Breaking the Bank



Technology evolves everyday and unless you are a geek or technophile, it can be rather challenging to keep up with the new innovations constantly making entry into the market.

Nevertheless, even with tech addiction, you can still be shrewd or frugal at the same time. To make this feasible, Africa’s No. 1 hotel booking portal shares some ideas which will tremendously help you enjoy technology without breaking the bank!

Avoid early adoption

When a device is newly introduced into the market, there is a very high possibility that the price or cost will be very high. You will be spending so much money on the device if you are an early adopter. If you are so keen on buying the device, you can leave a months or two intervals so that the price for the product can crash. You will save a significant amount if you are able to pull this off.

Stop impulse buying

The popularity of e-commerce business in Nigeria and other parts of the world has largely encourages impulse buying. Immediately a product is released, you can buy it immediately online hours after the release or you see a nice tech gadget, you purchase it. In order to save money, stay away from impulse buying.


Buy durable and long lasting device

Many rate price over quality. This is why they prefer to buy cheap devices with little or no quality. As a result of the low quality, they repeatedly buy the same product because it is not durable. Why not simply gather enough money and buy quality, durable and long-lasting devices?

Buy Fairly used devices 

Some may probably not like this because they have a knack to brand new devices. You should ask yourself whether you can afford the brand new device or not? There is nothing wrong with fairly used. The important thing is that you should not buy on the streets. Afterwards, it behooves on you to ensure that the device is in proper condition.


Fix It Yourself 

It is not compulsory for you to become an overnight technician because you want to repair your device. However, there is nothing wrong with making an attempt to repair your damaged phone. Essentially, if you know that you cannot repair it yourself, you should send to your friends for repair. Do just walk anywhere and deliver your phone to anyone. You may even be lucky, the phone may still on warranty.

Take advantage of discounts, deals, and coupons

Online stores offer discounts on various devices available on their platforms. So, rather than buying at a physical store, you can buy online where you can get mouthwatering deals, discounts, and coupons.

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