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How Nollyflix Will Work-Dr. Ope Banwo (Video)





The African movie industry has witnessed a breakthrough with Nollyflix.

A part of the Nollytainment ecosystem, Nollyflix, which is considered by many as the core of Nollytainment will enable effective distribution of movies produced by producers.

According to Dr. Ope Banwo, promoter and founder of Nollytainment, Nollyflix, is a steroid of blockchain movie streaming platform complete with a Smart Contract for simultaneous payment for stakeholders.

Nollyflix, is the second MVP of the Nollytainment ecosystem after the launch of Nollycloud, a software which enables fast download of movies in seconds without the use of your internet.

Explaining how Nollyflix will work, Dr. Banwo said “Nollyflix is a platform created to allow African movie producers distribute and show their flick to a global audience.”

Further, Dr. Banwo said that the Nollytainment powered Nollyflix will allow movie producers and their collaborators to license their content as a “coded contract” directly to a decentralized database called a blockchain.

See how Nollyflix works.



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