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How Edo State House Of Representative Elections Was Canceled




The Edo State House of Representative election held on Thursday, October 4, 2018 between Prince Odi Okojie and Joe Ikpea.

However, the election was canceled, as some unscrupulous persons were tried to hijack the elections..

A statement released by the APC’s AG National Publicity Secretary, Mr Yekini Nabena condemned the elections claiming it was conducted by unauthorized persons.

This is coming after Prince Odi Okojie won the hearts of many citizens of the state after they came out en masse to vote for him. We hope the elections would be rerun and the people are given the chance to vote their preferred candidate.

Here is the result of the election held today in different wards;

Esan North East LGA
ward 1
Odi Okojie- 314
Joe ikpea- 7
ward 5
Odi Okojie- 805
Joe ikpea- 24
ward 4
Odi Okojie- 296
Joe ikpea- 23
Esan south east
ward 5
Odi Okojie- 282
Joe ikpea- 75
ward 2
Odi Okojie- 483
Joe ikpea 245
ward 1
Odi Okojie-198
Joe ikpea-69
ward 10
Odi Okojie- 750
Joe ikpea- 25
ward 9
Odi Okojie-291
Joe ikpea-222

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