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God has been good to me -Nse Ikpe-Etim





Actress, Nse Ikpe–Etim has become a popular face in the movie industry. In this interview with our REPORTER, she speaks about her career, style, marriage and more.

Tell us one thing which is not public knowledge about you
A lot of people know that I am from Akwa Ibom State and that I read Theatre Arts at the University of Calabar. However, it is not everybody is aware that I am a very simple lady who at some point in time sold male clothing and loves cooking a lot. Some people are now just getting to know.
It is a fact that your mother initially did not see you as a good actress.

Today, do you think that if any of your siblings opt for the career she would give her support?
My success as an actress changed her perception about some things. Today, she is my greatest supporter. Presently, she thinks everyone should do what makes them happy. If you say you want to be an engineer, my mummy will support you.

Nigerian actresses seem to be impressed by awards regardless of the value, is it the same with you?
It is good to be appreciated when you have done something good and positive, but I will tell you that satisfying my audience is the biggest reward I can ask for.

What was it like being on the set for the first time?
I was afraid. It was a case of a beginner. It was scary. The fact that there were other big names on that set also didn’t help matters. I was like fish out of water.

Can you reel out a couple of the challenging movies you have done?
Most of the movies I have done are quite challenging. I tell people I put up to 200 percent of my effort in every movie I do. “Guilty Pleasures”, which I did recently was challenging; “Edikan”too was. There are several other movies talk of “Phone Swap, Reloaded” and several others.

You are one lady who has travelled a lot, tell us about the places you have been?
I have been to several places. I grew up in Zaria, we moved to Kaduna and then Jos. I also lived in Ilorin later Lagos. It was from Lagos that I went to the University of Calabar and then there is Abuja. The places I have resided helped me a lot.

Have you courted controversies in your line of duty?
Everybody cannot always like what you do and as such mixed reactions will trail whatever you do in life especially when you are in a make believe world like ours. Some people will admire what you do at a certain point, while others will give a different remark.

What is your take on sexual harassment in the movie industry?
It is simple. It is in every industry. It is in the banks, schools and hospitals but because actors and actresses are in the limelight, everyone seems to think that it is more in our industry.

Prior to your marriage did you experience it?
It has never happened to me but I can’t say it does not happen. It is bound to happen.

How have you been coping with life as a wife and an actress?
It can be challenging, but the important thing is to know your priorities. I know what is important to me and I always strive to keep that in focus.

What has kept your marriage going despite your busy schedule?
God has been good to me. Another thing is that I married my best friend.

You once said your husband is the definition of true love, what do you interpret true love to mean?
It is being with someone who loves you totally and can never judge you. That is true love.

Do you find time to see your movies after production?
I do not. I only see them occasionally.
Are you living your dream presently?
Although I have not yet reached the peak, but I will say yes, I am living my dream. I am not doing this to make money out of it. It is about me doing what I am passionate about.

What have you given to the society that made you?
I have done some things with a charity organisation known as “The Empowerment Programme”. The focus of the organisation is on young girls. Sometimes, a word of encouragement is a lot more than money. There are other things which I have done too.

What kind of dress would you say accentuate you the most?
Typical, I like to be casual. I like my jean and tank top, but my designer is constantly trying to make me a lady. She understands my personality and work.

What would you call your style?
Often time when I talk about my style I end up with the fact that style is not fashion-based because I feel that it transcends fashion.

What inspired your signature hairdo?
After experimenting with all sorts I just decided that this is what I am comfortable with.

How do you relax?
I love to read a lot. It all depends on my mood. Surprisingly, I also watch soccer, I love soccer.

Finally, when would you call it quits as an actress?
When I am dead I believe.

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