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GLOW Health, The Fresh Face of Health, Wellness and Nutrition, Officially Launches Operations in Nigeria.



Glow Health

GLOW Health, a wellness and nutrition services company has announced the commencement of its health services to the general public in Lagos, Nigeria.

In a well attended ceremony that was held at its Ikoyi office over the weekend, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, GLOW Health, Miss Adanna Monde, said the business is service-oriented and offers complete, personalized nutrition and health consulting services.

Glow Health

Monde, who is an American Registered Nurse, Public Health Consultant and Certified Nutritionist, explained that the company is the first of its kind in Nigeria and boasts of some of the very best cutting edge technologies on wellness and healthcare services.

According to her, GLOW Health is well-equipped with professionals including Registered Dietician-Nutritionists, Certified Nutritionists, Registered Nurses, and Public Health Professionals.

Glow Health

Psychologist, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, The Alex Okanlawon Foundation, Dr. Jessica Okanlawon and Chief Executive Officer and Founder, GLOW Health Enterprise, Adanna Monde at the official launch of GLOW Health in Lagos, recently

Monde said, “Our niche focus is grounded in health and nutrition sciences, blended with the principles of public health and health promotion and aims to provide guidance based on science, evidence-based best practices and nutrition education in order to help clients adopt healthier, sustainable lifestyle changes.”

Speaking on the values that drove the creation of the company, she said the outfit was driven by her passion to impact qualitative health and nutrition values to the public in Nigeria.

“GLOW Health thoroughly understands the disease processes, science and dietary treatment required to manage all diseases of lifestyle including high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, gout, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, cirrhosis, obesity and much more.”

She said: “At GLOW Health, we assess each individual holistically and practice Lifestyle Medicine as a tool for preventative care. This allows us to focus on systems, not just symptoms.”

“Our areas of focus include dietetic management of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, gout, kidney disease and other chronic diseases; Weight loss, gain or maintenance plan specifically tailored to your health history, dietary preferences, and goals.”

“Our team of qualified registered nurses provide the highest quality preventative screenings designed to identify risk factors that can lead to heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other serious illnesses. We use quick, non-invasive methods to get you results and recommendations you can review with multi-disciplinary health specialists.”

“Our firm also provides corporate wellness programmes aimed at improving employee health and overall wellness by eliminating or reducing health issues affecting work productivity, this is so because we clearly understand the grey areas and have holistically structured our operations to proffer well-tailored solutions to the numerous problems that might stand in the way of qualitative output. We offer a fully digital Mobile Nutrition Clinic, corporate cafeteria reviews, health talks, seminars and workshops to boost employees holistic wellbeing. We come up for solutions that work with the employee, not just for the employer. We offer public health consulting services and provide research and information that will lead to improved programs and policies and have a direct impact on the health of the public.” Monde said.  “We also provide chef training on healthy food preparation and the fundamentals of basic nutrition, sports nutrition, and have an extensive range of healthy food and equipment available at The Wellness Market,” she explained.

She also listed other areas of the firms services as Full Body Composition using award-winning body composition analysers used in NASA and amongst the top medical, fitness and nutrition professionals to assess Weight, BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Visceral Fat, Basal Metabolic Rate, Total Body Water, and Metabolic Age.

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