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Gloria Maduka, waiting to shine




International singer and songwriter, Gloria Maduka, is set to have her first performance in Nigeria after arriving the country over a year ago.


Fondly called ‘Miss giving you what you need’ Gloria whose music and dance styles are influenced by mainstream pop rock infused with African elements has been the key on-air personality on Inspiration FM Lagos, but she is yet to display the talent she is known for in the United States.


However, next week, the songstress will be performing with a live band at the Summer Jam Concert holding at the Oriental Hotel Lagos.


The performance will give Nigerians first-hand experience of her rich talent and unique style of music.


Maduka’s unique trademark is her enhanced ability to also write and sing in Yoruba and Spanish. Her techniques with the conga, bongo, and djembe among other percussion instruments set her apart from other female artistes.


The artiste, has credit for singing her own rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at a Barron’s baseball game and being one of 40 out of 12,000 contestants in Jacksonville, Florida chosen to audition in front of American Idol judges in 2008. She also featured and sang in the show during the 2009 season.


Maduka’s debut album, “Of Light and Angels”, is an eclectic mix of alternative rock, pop, reggae, and soul, with her unique style of delivery blending all the tracks on the album together.


The album speaks about life and love experiences, which showcase Maduka from the heart.







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