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Glass Is Half Full,  Beautiful & Fabulous CEO  



The photography business is not for the faint-hearted. You need to ask start-ups and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises living around you. Apart from the issue epileptic power supply, lack of capital, cut-throat competition, multiple taxes and levies, government bureaucracy, lack of accessible roads and other social amenities have also hindered the growth of SMEs in this line of business.


More so, the influx of smart phones and wearable technology has also put a spanner in the works for professional photographers in Nigeria. Today, more talented hands in this hitherto lucrative business venture are already looking elsewhere for healthier sources of livelihood. Mrs. Bolakumi Adetutu Odejayi, a Bsc holder in Marketing and CEO, Beautiful & Fabulous, a photography outfit that specializes in video, graphic design for individuals, family and corporate individuals, couldn’t agree more.


According to her, ‘‘the finance needed to start a photography outfit is huge. The funds needed to acquire camera, lenses, lights and photography props can be very expensive. You need nothing less than 1.5 million naira to start a proper photography business in Nigeria today. However, start-ups looking to making photography a source of livelihood can start small and move on to do greater things.’’

She stated that ‘‘fashion photography is one of the most fun aspect of photography business. This is because it doesn’t just focus on the person but includes other elements such as cloths, beauty and make up. In shooting fashion photography, location must be in-synch with the location. The models must be confident and bustling with loads of charisma. Too much editing can loose some of essence of the photographs’’.

Bolakunmi was initiated into the escapist world of Photography at renowned photography outfit, Ando Shutterbug studio. ‘‘After my apprenticeship, I worked hard on my own and improved with experience.

Then there was no University offering Photography as a stand-alone Degree level course in Nigeria.  I was awed by the sheer creativity that comes with the art of photography. As a child, I loved taking pictures.

Immediately after my secondary school education, I learnt a trade.

It was my mother that encouraged me to try photography since I loved it so much. I took her advice and it has been the best thing that happened to me’’.

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