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Ganduje And The Power Of Blackmailers




Blackmail is an act of putting pressure on a person or a group to do something they do not want to do by way of threat or making them feel guilty.  It’s the root of what an average Hausa man referred to as “BAKIN cikin” (black stomach),  I. e. deep seated jealousy.  It also leads to envy.

As we know,  the envious spends his days destroying himself by feeling sorry for that which he could not achieve but others have.  He feels sorry and regretful and desire all people to live in misery and infliction while plotting to deprive them of their happiness. What is more?  Envious make the fortune of others their goal.  They apply every method to deprive others of their fortunes. They are prey to their lonely wants without realising them.  The envious manifest their evil intentions by spreading rumours,  accusations and lies about their envied ones. If they feel that their lusts are not satisfied by doing this, they may even go as far as encroaching upon their freedom or even deprive them of the right to live just fulfil their endless want.

In Islam,  it is said that whoever believes in God and the last Day of Judgement,  let him say the truth or he should keep quiet. In other words. ” ka fada geskiya ko arife bakin ka. ” Allah,  SWT is very clear on this,  when He says in the Glorious Qur’an for which

we are properly cautioned in the Glorious  Quran that “O you who believe,  anybody who is suspicious  character brings information,  you must crosscheck  the information thoroughly else you pass judgement on people and later you regret”

This is why conversation between somebody who knows and some body who does not know is different.  Those who know judge through investigation while those who do not know judge by their sentiment.

Before we go further here,  it should be noted from the onset that the person who brought the information of Ganduje dollar before the public is a suspicious character because in the past,  he told lies against men of integrity.

Having discovered his fictitious modus operandi,  it will be foolhardy for any one to accept whatever  information he brings out without subjecting it to thorough investigation to determine the authenticity of his claim as stated in the Glorious Qur’an quoted above.

Now,  leadership is not an easy task.  It is a burden and it is only easy for those who think in terms of leadership without tesponsibility. So,  it beats my imagination why people make it a do or die affair,  and in most cases telling lies and casting venomous stones in order to outsmart and unseat one another at all costs.

In our secular political system, we only talk of leadership and not followership. The present system is more jahiliyalistic than the jahiliya period.

Jahiliya period was a period of ignorance. People are not interested in good news but bad ones. It takes courage,  perseverance and a dose of hard work for a good leader to offer good service to his people.

So,  it is very difficult to receive thank you in Return Of one’s good deed especially in Nigeria.  Even if one constructs and lays pipe containing local pap (fura) to every house,  such a person must be criticised for trying to show off. In a society where showing appreciation for one’s good deed is sometimes a taboo,  it would be extremely difficult to witness real development in such a society. Indeed,  One of the saying of Prophet Muhammad,pbuh says “this world is like a prison yard for the righteous. ”

In the case of governor Ganduje of Kano State,  some people had expected him not to make any difference so that they could have a ground to campaign for the exalted seat. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for the good people of Kano, Ganduje achieved by constructing and refurbishing dilapidated roads including those abandoned by His predecessor, etc.  As a result of these noble achievements,  the good people of Kano strongly felt that Ganduje deserves second term in office to enable him consolidate his enviable achievements. But the blackmailers and envious ones would allow it.

As someone succinctly put it at the face of rowdy argument *Fellow Comrades, let me come in because I’m the only person that could give an impartial arbitration to this Ganduje bribery issue*: (1) No court of law be it Sharia, Judiciary or Customery that dicide on this case (2) Jafar Jafar has been proven to be a blackmailer (3) Ganduje’s opposition did not take legal action against him due to lack of locus-standie, (4) Majority of us are Muslims and Christians, our Religions prohibits act or believing in rumors (5) There’s no leader particularly in our dear country called Nigeria Dead or Alive that  didn’t taste this kind allegations, etc. Then why as intellectuals wasting our precious time talking about unsubstantiated issue? If anyone argue let him /her prove to the forum by way of Court verdict not video especially from a proven liar/ blackmailer, thanks Rt. Comrade Kanwaism

But to what extend can the blackmailers succeed could only be determined after the March 23, 2019 rerun of the governorship election  in about 30 of 44 local government areas in the state.

*SRA is the Chief Promoter of Arewa Trust* and can be reached via his email:

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