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Ubi Franklin Escapes Death***See Picture



Ubi Franklin

Ubi Franklin reveals that faulty AC was the cause of the fire in his home this morning Photos: Music executive, Ubi Franklin

Made Men Music Group (MMMG) boss, Ubi Franklin, escaped death in the early hours of this morning when a portion of his apartment was gutted by fire.

Franklin took to social media to announce the incident, sharing pictures of the development.

In a post, Franklin wrote, “woke up this morning and my house was on fire. I had to do what I could do to put it down. Wow.”

Furthermore, he wrote “Anyone who knows me knows I wake up very early. I don’t stay in bed past 6:am latest 7:ame xcept I went to bed at about that time. So I woke up this morning was getting set for work. I had my friends come in from out of town and I was like since I live alone they should come stay at mine. So I had just finished praying and was getting my gadgets ready for work and I heard one of my friends shouting fire fire Ubi Fire Fire?  I came out the whole house was filled up with smoke I was confused on where to start. The fire started from the Faulty AC. Guess what all the water taps in the entire house stopped working. I had to get the bottled water from the fridge and started with that and nothing. It was raining heavy at the time I don’t think there was an amount of shouting that could be heard by a neighbour. So I found water somewhere and used the morning fresh in the kitchen and still nothing, my friend found poundo yam flour in the kitchen and we soaked that in water and finally we were able to contain that fire.

At some point, I couldn’t see anymore cos of the smoke covered the whole house and I fell?
We all need to be careful, just last week same AC burnt down a friend’s house and left him and his family with nothing. This AC burning down houses is getting too much. Be careful and be vigilant. I Pray God keeps us and our loved ones safe ??????. Thank God for everything.
Alive and well. Properties can be replaced But life can’t be Thank you God for keeping The irreplaceable ALIVE.”

The pictures shared by the Music Executive showed a portion looking like his dining room, but devoid of tables and chairs cover in black apparently due to the smoke.

You may recall that a similar incident happened to actress Kate Henshaw sometime back when her bedroom was gutted by fire making her loss valuable worth millions of Naira. Luckily for her, she was not at home when the incident happened; as she was on the set of a movie she was shooting.

The same thing happened to Banky W when his apartment was also gutted by fire in the early hours of the day.

Photos: Music executive, Ubi Franklin

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