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Four Places Where you Should not Keep your Phone



Your phone is a valuable asset and losing it or getting it damaged can cost you a lot of money and emotional stress. If you do not want to experience any of this,, Africa’s no 1 hotel booking portal points out places you should never leave your phone.

In the sun

Many people know that they should not just drop their phones in the sun but some others have inadvertently left it in the sun while washing or working outside their home. Extreme heat or cold are not good for electronic appliances. So keep it away from harmful weather to extend its lifespan.  

Your back pocket

Carrying your phone in your back pocket is not a good idea. Many people have damaged their phones, especially the screen, just by forgetting their phones in their pockets. Besides the physical damage, the phone may overheat and is susceptible to theft there.


Bottom of a bag

As a regular traveler, you may have had to live through the experience of having your phone go missing and as a result adopted the precautionary measure of hiding it at the bottom of a bag. While doing this has its perks, it can begin to malfunction due to the heat or pressure from moving the bag from place to place. Your best bet would be to use an inner side pocket in the bag or under the first few layers of items within it.


In proximity to a cooker

In an attempt not to miss a call, it usual practice to keep your phone close to you even when cooking. This can be very risky as it could result in a fire outbreak. Make it a habit to place your phone far from the fire and increase the volume of your ringtone so that you can hear the call wherever you are.

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