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Former Adamawa State Governor, Bala Ngilari Says He Would Faint If He Sees N1bn



Bala Ngilari

Former Governor of Adamawa State, Barr Bala Ngilari has said that he would faint if he sees and own N1bn.

Recall that Ngilari who governed Adamawa State  between October 2014 and May 2015, was convicted of corruption involving N166 million and sent to prison, after leaving the office.


Reacting to the corruption case against him during an interview with Daily Trust, he stated that there was no court case against him for diverting money.

When asked if he had “like N1bn of your own?”, he replied, “If I see N1bn now, I will faint.”

He added;

“In fact, the good thing is that the greatest difficulty for a person who tries to be honest and righteous is that you gather so many enemies. Till tomorrow, I say it boldly without fear or favour, if you take the proceedings of the courts that arraigned me on a five-count charge, there is not one count of the five that said I took one naira or diverted one naira, not one.”

Ngilari further revealed that after losing the governorship seat, he wanted to contest as a senator in the following election year, but could not because the delegates in his party were asking for N1m each.

He said;

“In fact, I tried to contest for the Senate too under APC. I went round, toured and two, three days to the primary election, I called and reached out to the delegates through my director general and my coordinators.

“The delegates told me, ‘Look, sir, when it comes to the right person to go for this thing, you are the right person, but honestly we will be sincere and honest with you, we cannot accept N100,000 which you want to offer us.

“To help. My idea was that I could offer N100,000 for probably 200 people. That would come to about N20 million, so that they could go and start something at home.

“I mean N100,000 at that time was something. (But) they said, ‘No, sir, we will not collect your N100,000 because there are people who are willing to give us one N1 million each,” he concluded.

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