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Why Jude missed Peter’s wedding-Publicist




Peter and Lola Okoye might have been tied in matrimony on Sunday, November 17, but the tale trailing the Okoye family is not a palatable one.


The gist in town, is that the Okoye family have not been happy with Peter since he decided to officially take Lola Omotayo as his wife, hence the decision of Jude, who carries the image of the head of the family, boycotting his brother’s traditional wedding.

However, this rumour has been refuted. Speaking with, P-Square’s publicist, Bayo Adetu of Squared Image Associate (SIA),said Jude was missing at the wedding because he was stuck in Ghana.


P-Square had performed in Accra, Ghana at the ‘Glo and Bounce Slide‘tour the night before. Adetu said Jude missed his flight and couldn’t get back to Lagos in time for the nuptials.


Furthermore, he said the fact that the twin brothers had even made the wedding was because they flew into the country in a private jet that could not accommodate Jude, who was left behind along with the band members.


Asked about the speculation that Jude was having a good time with Wizkid, while his brother’s wedding was holding, as been speculated due to the picture he posted on his Instagram page, Adetu said the EME artiste has always been a protégée of Jude, insisting that there is no evidence to prove that the picture was taking at the same time that the nuptial was holding.


Though the publicist has spoken some other people still insist that Jude never embarked on the journey to Ghana, insisting that unlike him he failed to post photos of this trip on his Instagram page, something that is considered an anomaly considering the fact that he more often than not shares pictures of his brother’s foreign shows.

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