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Felabration: Reaction Trails Seun Kuti Over Assault On Security



Seun Kuti

Despite the nature of its guests, the New Afrikan Shrine is a place where orderliness is a watchword, especially when Felabration is on.

It is common knowledge that even social miscreants who visit the shrine during Felabration have to behave themselves.

On several occasion, there have been talks about people who would naturally fight each other gladly shaking hands and hugging each other and moving on. It is all in the spirit of Felabration.

It is simply a taboo to fight in the shrine, as this is an unwritten law at the shrine. However, for that law to be broken by a family member of the Kuti is shocking and indeed embarrassing to the idea behind Felabration.

Days back, specifically Wednesday, October 17, talks of how Seun Kuti had assaulted a security official for not recognizing him was everywhere.

Report of the incident were that the security official didn’t recognize Seun Kuti and tried to prevent him from using the VIP/Artiste lounge of the New Afrikan Shrine only for the singer to lose his temper and assault him.

For not recognizing him, Seun Kuti who was in company of friends felt disrespected  and went on to assault the man by venting his anger by slapping him.

Reacting in a chat, the abused official said “Honestly I did not know that it was Seun Kuti because I do not recognize him. I was only trying to do my job by asking blocking him from entering. I didn’t mean to disrespect him or cause a scene out of my actions.”

However, one would wonder why Seun Kuti would descend as low as harassing and abusing an official working for him or perhaps his family when the issue could have been handled more maturely.

Question about the probability that Seun Kuti would have slapped a mobile police officer had he been the one manning the entrance of the VIP lounge have been asked. Apparently, it is a matter of controversial Seun Kuti, trying to make a hill out of a molehill.

Interestingly, since the incident happened reactions that have been pouring in have been of awe, as many have swore his elder one especially Yeni and Femi wouldn’t have descended so low.

Seun Kuti, has carved an image for himself, as the controversial one of the family. Until recently, he isolated himself from the shrine, holding grudges against his siblings. For, Seun Kuti, assaulting the security official was definitely an all time low.

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