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Fantastic Travel Habits for a Smooth Vacation



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Imbibing good habits may take time but regular practice will make it part of you. To put uncomfortable setbacks at bay and help you have a hitch-free journey,, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares some travel habits to have a smooth vacation.

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Carry original copies of your documents

This does not mean you should physically carry all your original travel documents along with you. Rather, you should have the originals uploaded to either your email or saved to any cloud storage website like Onedrive, Dropbox or GoogleDoc for easy accessibility. If at any point, you cannot find photocopies  of your travel documents, you can quickly retrieve them online.

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Hide your money

With the cashless policy in Nigeria, travelers rarely carry large amounts of money. Today, ATM cards are used to settle travel expenses. But this does not rule out the fact that some people still carry cash. If you are junketing with cash, you should hide it in unsuspecting places. If you misplace your wallet, cash will come handy!

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Pack as lightly as possible

Whether you are going on a short or long vacation, you should not overpack. You will not only be weighed down but will also be paying more especially if you are flying.  Packing light is to make your travels exciting and less stressful.

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Reduce your alcohol intake

Some people cannot do without gulping alcohol. The side-effects of alcohol intake while traveling are that it makes you fatigued, dehydrated and unstable. To stay healthy all the way,  can replace alcohol with a fresh glass of water and you’re good to go!

Charge all your devices

Your phone is as important as your travel documents so it’s important to keep them on always. It is not advisable to rely on charging at the hotel or airport which is a regular practice among many travelers. The consequence of charging your iPad or Smartwatch at the airport is that you may forget your device, and this is even worse.


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