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Exposed Clara Chime’s pychiatric case*** Details of how the Enugu First Lady was shipped to a UK psychiatric hospital



First Lady of Enugu State, Mrs. Clara Chime

First Lady of Enugu State, Mrs. Clara Chime

The true mental state of Enugu State First Lady, Clara Chime has been exposed at last.

Initially, the first citizen of the state Governor Sullivan Chime, had placed the condition of his wife in a class of top secret information, insisting that he was only protecting her with his actions, even if he detains her in her own home.

However, after much argument and dust raising, Mrs. Chime, has been confirmed as a psychiatric case needing serious attention., can confirm that the lady has been shipped out of the country and is now receiving treatments at a United Kingdom psychiatric hospital. An insider report said that Mrs. Chime after being chased by her husband from Enugu State Government House initially visited a psychiatrist in Port Harcourt who advised that she be flown abroad due to the complexity of her case.

We also learnt that it was the psychiatrist who even referred her to the hospital in UK, where she is presently receiving treatment.

Mrs. Chime’s mother we gathered is also at the hospital to encourage her daughter , as she undergoes psychiatric sessions.

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