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Every Responsible Government Would Ban Okada, Tricycle On Highways-NBA Chairman



Law Week

The chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Epe Branch, Prince Abimbola Sunday Abimbola has commended the Lagos state government for its restriction of tricycles and commercial motorcycle popular as Okada.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with, Prince Abimbola, described the decision as a welcome development, adding that it is what any responsible government would do.

According to him, with the things that Okada and tricycle riders do to other road users coupled with the daily rate of amputations in several hospitals in Lagos state, the only responsible thing to do to save lives in the state would be a restriction, especially on highways.

“I  think every responsible government would do what the governor has done. You cant be the Governor of a state and allow your people to continue to die because of a means of transportation which is considered effective yet deadly.”

Adding his voice to the criticisms that have trailed the state government following its inability to provide alternative means of transportation before restricting Okada and tricycles on the selected highways, Prince  Abimbola indicted the Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu-led government, blaming it for being insensitive.

“Few people rule many, so the government should have looked at that aspect and introduced more buses. It is not enough to say “I Will” those buses should have been on the ground so that the hardship that people have been suffering can be minimised. The government can introduce buses, small buses can be bought to ease the problem of scarcity. If the government buys the buses, they can train and employ some of these bike riders and make them drive the buses to salvage the situation.”

Recall that the Lagos state government commenced enforcement of restriction of Okada and tricycle in six Local Government Areas (LGAs), nine Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) and 10 major highways across the state on Saturday, February 1.

Since the enforcement began, thousands of commercial transport users have been left stranded with many walking several kilometres just to get to their destination.

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