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Evergreen Remix: Hits And Misses





All sorts of musicians have passed through the Nigerian music industry over the years.

These musicians, held their own during their hay days, releasing hit songs after hits songs.

Today, younger artistes are churning out remixes from these old tunes and they are making a killing out of them.

We highlight some of the greatest remixes of all times from the Nigerian music industry.

Late Stephen Osita Osadebe would be remembered for his popular hit ‘Osendi Owendi’.  The song was one of the singer’s biggest hits, as it is still played by cross section of Nigerians despite being sung in Igbos.

‘Osendi Owendi’, a massive commercial hit was subsequently remixed by equally late MC Loph. A successful remix, MC Loph’s version had a touch of Hiphop. It also suited the need of the younger generation who still wanted to enjoy the song.

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Cardinal Rex Lawson was also popular for his songs including ‘Sawale’.  With his band ‘Mayors Band of Nigeria’, the musician shone like a thousand stars. ‘Sawale’, was a hit for lovers of the highlife genre of music. The song was subsequently done by current King of Highlife, Flavour N’abania. Titled ‘Nwa Baby’ Flavour’s version was also as successful as the original when it was released in 2005 in the album N’abania.


‘Mo Sorire’ originally by late IK Dairo was masterfully remixed by his son, Paul Dairo. A singer and producer, Paul Play as he is also known didn’t disappoint his fans and even those of his father.

Paul Play successfully did his version of the song infusing a blend of funk and Hip hop without losing the original flavor of his father.

Seyi Sodimu also sampled ‘Pele Pele’ a hit from legendary hit maker, Ebenezer Obey. The dark-complexioned singer who rose to fame through his hit single ‘Love Me Jeje’ did the remix in an effort to launch himself back to relevance having been out of reckoning for a while. Interestingly, his effort wasn’t as success as the original version which had more appeal.

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‘What Gonna Be Is Gonna Be’ is a song by Bongos Ikwe. The inspirational hit remains a source of inspiration till date. Its remix was done by the King of Ajegunle, Daddy Showkey. Like the original version, Daddy Showkey’s also received positive reviews.

The song ’Edikwansa’ was originally done by Peacocks International Band led by late Raphael Amarabem. Its success saw it becoming the signature tune for one of the then top Television series, ‘New Masquerade.’ However, years after, Yahooze singer, Olu Maintain did a less popular cover of the song which he titled, Cinderella.

Although Olu Maintain’s effort was not celebrated in the music industry having not garnered a lot of reviews, the song joined the list of popular songs which had been remixed.

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‘Baby Jowo’, originally by Dr. Victor Olaiya is one song that lovers of highlife still cherish.

Its remix by Lt. Shotgun was done in the ’90s. Reggae in genre, it made the artiste popular in the music scene.

Interestingly, while Olaiya’s version was highlife with his trumpet taking centre stage, that of Lt. Shotgun was reggae. Lt. Shotgun’s version also appealed to the younger generation, while Olaiya’s appeal to a more matured audience.

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