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I have never read any of this persons articles because I see him as an unabashed seeker of relevance especially where his failure in his original calling is so apparent, so to keep in the public eye, he resorts to penning shallow and not carefully thought out nonsense which only tickles the fancy of the barely literate and ignorant like himself. 
However, I was asked by a friend to go through this his last article in which he chronicles his reason why men cheat. The arrogance of it all makes me feel like puking and the lack of careful understanding of the issues that lead to ‘men cheating’ was more than obvious in the whole waste of time he has called an article. 
This was a major rehash of beer parlor talk. I am sure in his joblessness, he has toured around in his one brown double breasted suit listening to the litany of crass jokes passed by near drunk sailors on the very sensitive relations between men and women and not possessing the deep intellectual faculties needed to decipher fact from sailors talk has scribbled this down as scientific reasons why men cheat. 
I abhor this article even if I dare state that there is no general reason that can universally explain why men cheat or even women for that matter. Each case should be looked at from the prism of the unique situation and explain it from that point. Putting a total blanket on it reeks of utter stupidity and drunken melancholy. Having access to various popular social media platforms doesn’t give anybody the right to be this stupid. 
I could not bring myself to finish the article and here is me hoping that he redeemed himself at the end, but judging from what I had read from the top, I doubt. Seizing on the Toke episode to spew such inanities is the height of wickedness. Me self I yabbed Toke when it happened, but in a lighter mode, because I could feel her pain and the pressure having to go through that kind of mess in the public eye. 
Women are very sensitive in nature. They must be loved and protected and when these things happen as they are bound to happen, a safety net should be woven around them to console, comfort and wean them out of the pain instead of casting a net of fallacy and fronting it with intellectually bereft morons like this Etcetera person. 
I have cheated in the past and it was not because I am ‘a man’ and because It’s my nature simply by my sex but because I was childish and plain stupid. I saw the pain in the eyes of the victim, I saw a strong woman withdraw into her shell with shame written all over her. I saw a woman who had given me her life and birthed children for me, go from a proud and confident woman to zombie, loosing her essence and wishing death. Many nights I cried myself to sleep on the couch, many times I hated myself for causing such wickedness to another beautiful human being and have prayed to be given an opportunity to make amends. This I feel may never happen as the pain has been etched deeply and I am still in the cold almost five years after. 
So Mr, etcetera or is it coma you call yourself, you sado-masochist diatribe has not sat down with me and millions of real men and I dare say you have not represented us in this position but yourself and yourself alone. 
I have spoken. 


Joseph Edgar is an Investment Banker, who writes as a hobby. He has a column in Thisday on Saturdays(Page 20) and a blog where he comments on trending issues from a comical, satirical point of view. 


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