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Essential Items for Every Traveler’s Car



5 Essential Items for Every Traveler’s Car

You have to anticipate these things in order to successfully navigate them.  Hence, there are some important items you  are meant to carry in your car. Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares some of these. Traveling is filled with so many unforeseen circumstances, especially for persons who go by road. The car could break down, there could be an accident or you could have a deflated tire.

spare key

Spare key

Car owners must have been agitated because of misplaced, stolen or forgotten car keys.  There is a high tendency of this happening especially when you visiting a festival like the Osun-Osogbo festival in Osun. It may be an unnecessary precaution not until you cannot open your car.  Then you disrupt your vacation. The best you for is to have a spare key kept somewhere safe.

African American father applying bandaid to daughter outdoors

First Aid kit

The first aid kit helps you temporarily attend to medical emergency before the ambulance arrives. This will always come handy when there is a roadside accident.  You do not have to be the one to involved in the accident. You may be a good Samaritan to assist an accident victim.


When you are traveling, there are some places you may be unfamiliar with. If you do not want to get lost, you need a map. This is not a GPS map but a physical man because there are some places that may not be covered by the GPS.

Spare tire

You can have a flat tire at any point in time when driving. It may be worse if this happens in the night and if you do not have a spare tire, you will be distraught because you may be stranded. Whether you are traveling or not, you should always have a spare tire.

Fire Extinguisher

You may be driving and your vehicle may suddenly go up in flames because of engine overheating. Thankfully, the fire’s damage will be limited due to the presence of a fire extinguisher in your car.  In addition, you should learn the proper use of the extinguish.

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