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Eshiowu Stands True To His Desire 




Reverend Father Evaristus Eshiowu’s desire to rid the polity of corruption is public knowledge among those who know him.

This desire has seen him embarking on all sorts of projects to actualise this vision.

Only recently, the man formed a new group, Integrity Campaign Group with the sole aim of inculcating the principles of integrity and thus reforming the society.

“The principal theme of the campaign is to promote good values in the society and inculcate it in the minds of the people, the excellence of honesty over crookedness,” Father Eshiowu said.

“Interested persons must read the book, ‘Integrity in Dispora’ or the new African edition ‘Integrity Campaign, the Antidote for Corruption’ and then apply online,” he added.


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