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eCommerce Website Features That Will Help You Find The Best Products Online




eCommerce and its continuous explosion – thanks to the internet – has forever changed the way we shop for products and services. We have witnessed – in the last 6 years of eCommerce debut in Nigeria – many impactful changes, such as the rise of online marketplaces; the seamless shift to using mobile devices for online shopping; the incredible growth of online and digital marketing and advertising; and the use of digital modifications in sales and mainstream consumer shopping.

Despite this remarkable innovation, many still find it very challenging to use these eCommerce platforms because they hardly understand how the features of these platforms work.

This article explains some common 6 features of eCommerce platforms that can assist shoppers find the best products online. Please note that some of these features are ONLY peculiar to Jumia, Nigeria’s no.1 online shopping platform.

Star Rating (Seller’s Score)

Star Rating, also known as Seller’s Score, provides a first hand description of previous buyers experience with a product and/or seller. If the previous buyers’ experience with a product or seller was subpar, the rating might be very poor, almost between 1 & 2-star. Jumia has activated this review to prevent new buyers from buying a product or interacting with a seller with low quality products, and to assist new or returning buyers to find good products.

When you are shopping on Jumia, endeavour to – at all times – check the review score of each seller. More importantly, check for the number of shoppers per star rating. For instance, if 3 shoppers rated a seller 5-star, and about 16 shoppers rated same seller 2-star for the same product, you might want to avoid buying from such seller. When you shop on Jumia next time, endeavour to rate the seller based on the product quality and experience with the seller. This will guide other shoppers in making an informed decision on which seller to patronise.


Number of Successful Sales

Vendors do not sign up on eCommerce websites just for fun. They want to make sales and of course, Jumia has provided a platform for them to achieve this aim. So, for customers who want to find the best products, the number of successful sales is one of the points to look out for. The rule here is very simple: the higher the sales, the better the quality of products and/or customer experience with the seller, and vice versa. For Jumia, the number of successful sales is clearly shown on the website to enable customers make their buying decisions.


A warranty describes the conditions under, and period during, which the producer or vendor will repair, replace, or compensate for a defective item without cost to the buyer or user. The caveat for the repair is that the damage must not be as a result of the buyer’s actions. This said, warranty generally give buyers the confidence that in the case of any fault, they are guaranteed repair or replacement at no cost. Hence, always look out for sellers who provide warranty for their products before shopping for an item. However, warranty does not apply to all products.

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Delivery Speed

There is nothing like ordering a product and it is delivered same day. Fortunately, Jumia has decentralised its delivery process as you now have the option of same day delivery through Jumia Express depending on your location, provided you purchased the item before 12pm. Jumia Express also offers free delivery to Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan and Abeokuta on orders above N15,000 (excluding large items). Compared to others, Jumia Express provides the quickest delivery in Nigeria compared to other logistic companies. So, if a product sold by a vendor on Jumia has Jumia Express on it (as shown in the image below), it means the product will be delivered same day you made the order and free of charge.

Written Reviews (Sort By)

This is arguably one  of the easiest ways for online shoppers to make a buying decision. Whenever you buy a product on Jumia, you are always prompted to review whatever you bought. This will help other buyers determine whether to buy from a particular vendor or not. Due to the strict vetting process by Jumia, most of our vendors have very good reviews. Reviews are sorted by best and worst rating.

Free Return Policy (Within 7 Days)

Returning a product at no cost is one of the ways to know where to find best products online. This is because customers are more likely to shop on a platform that offers free returns within 7 days. This is exactly why Jumia is unique, as customers have a 7-day time frame to return a product at no cost.

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Jumia Women Rally Support For New Mothers




 To commemorate this year’s Pan-African Women’s Day and in line with the global theme which addresses maternal and neonatal mortality in Africa, the female staff of Jumia Nigeria have rallied support for new mothers and other patients who couldn’t meet the discharge requirement as a result of unpaid medical bills at the Ikorodu general hospital by helping them to offset their outstanding bills.

As a result, the patients have now been discharged and equipped with financial support to cater for the new babies. The contributions were channeled through the ‘Visit A Hospital Today’ non governmental organisation (NGO) in Lagos.

The African Women’s Day, created by the African Union is commemorated on July 31st of every year to advocate for quality maternity services for disadvantaged women who continue to die needlessly in underserved communities, and to curb poor quality of health services, poor accessibility and weak referral systems for African women.

Jumia’s public relations and communications manager, Mr Olukayode Kolawole who described the financial intervention on behalf of the new mothers as kind and thoughtful, said: “when I heard about the plight of these new mothers and other patients who couldn’t meet the hospital discharge requirement because of their outstanding medical bills, I sought for support from our female staff, especially those who are mothers to contribute towards raising the sum. This collective effort towards helping other women in need through their financial resources reached far beyond what we set out to raise. Now, these women have been discharged and the babies are receiving the needed motherly affection.”

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Founder of Visit-A-Hospital NGO, Miss Aderonke Rene Ahmed said hundreds of new mothers and women are always stuck in most hospitals because of lack of funds to pay for their medical bills. “Every week, we’re always in different hospitals providing financial support for these patients. We thank the wonderful women at Jumia Nigeria for sponsoring this month’s hospital visit.” Until now, these new mothers had been stuck at the general hospital with their babies for a few weeks because they couldn’t pay their medical bills. “Jumia’s intervention provided succor for them in the nick of time,”she added.

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About Jumia Group

Jumia is the leading pan-African e-commerce platform, present across 14 countries in Africa. Its mission is to improve the quality of everyday life in Africa by leveraging technology to deliver innovative, convenient and affordable online services to consumers while helping businesses grow as they use Jumia’s platform to better reach and serve consumers.

The Jumia platform consists of a marketplace, which connects sellers with consumers, a logistics service, which enables the shipment and delivery of packages from sellers to consumers, and a payment service, which facilitates transactions among participants active on the Jumia platform in selected markets. On the marketplace, more than 80,000 sellers offer a broad range of goods and on-demand services.

Jumia Logistics facilitates the delivery of goods in a convenient and reliable way, leveraging an extensive network of third-party logistics service providers, seamlessly integrated through the Jumia proprietary technology platform.

JumiaPay offers a safe and easy solution to facilitate online transactions on the Jumia platform, with the intention of integrating additional financial services in the future.

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Five Super Apps For Cleaning Your Android Phone




A good number of people only think about cleaning up their phone when something starts to go wrong. Android devices are smart enough that regular maintenance isn’t necessary, but it’s still a good idea to perform a clean up every once in a while. Don’t underestimate the impact of staying digitally organized—it might just keep your phone working for longer.

The trick is finding phone cleaner apps that actually live up to expectations. At best, a bad cleaner app wastes storage space; at worst, it could infect you with malware and spam you with ads. Not all Android cleaner apps are useless, however, so we’re going to help you find the ones worth using. These apps will ensure that your android phone fully performs its functions.

Droid optimizer

Droid Optimizer is one of the best-known Android cleaner tools, with over a million downloads on the Google Play Store. It’s simple to use, especially for newbies, with an introduction screen that walks you through permissions and features. It offers a “ranking system” designed to motivate you to keep your device in top shape. If you don’t mind having your own device shame you into better habits, Droid Optimizer is the best Android cleaner for you. One tap is all you need to begin a phone cleanup. You’ll see your stats at the top of the screen; free space and RAM show next to your “rank” score, where you receive points for your cleanup actions.



The same well-known desktop app for reclaiming disk space is also available on Android. It is advisable to stop using CCleaner on Windows due to it going downhill since Avast acquired the service. And while the Android app isn’t perfect either, it’s better than a lot of the other spammy cleaner apps for Android. Indeed, CCleaner on Android is a multifunctional app that does its best to analyze and clean up stray files taking up your precious space. The main function is the cleaner feature that can wipe cache data from apps, purge empty folders, and delete various histories.

All-in-One Toolbox

Cleaning your phone of unnecessary files is only one part of the task. What about monitoring your battery, or your CPU temperature, or those pesky mobile ads? The appropriately-named All-In-One Toolbox is here to do it all. It’s capable of cleaning temporary files on your Android device, wiping your cache, and deleting empty folders and orphaned files. It just takes one tap to analyze your device, then another tap to delete, and you’re done. It’s a similar process with other areas of the app, too.

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SD Maid

SD Maid claims to be “at your service” as the digital cleaner for your Android phone. It keeps the experience simple—opening up the app gives you four quick action features you can use to “tidy up” your device. The first, CorpseFinder, searches for and erases any orphaned files or folders left over from deleting an app. SystemCleaner is another search-and-delete tool, this time looking for common files and folders that SD Maid believes it can safely delete.

Norton Clean

Aside than CCleaner, none of these cleaner apps come from top-tier security firms. The search for the best cleaning app for Android can’t conclude without mentioning Norton Clean, the Android little brother of the famous Norton Antivirus from Symantec. Norton claims to “remove the clutter” from your Android device. Much like the other entries, it’ll search for and wipe your cache, remove any junk files, and help you quickly remove any unused apps you have installed. The Manage Apps section lists all your apps, letting you sort them by last use, installation date, or how much storage it uses.


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VDT communications Unveils 4G LTE Advanced services



VDT Communication
VDT Communication

VDT communications, a leading broadband communications service provider has officially unveiled its retail data network – 4G LTE Advanced service into the market.


Speaking at the unveiling in Lagos, Engr. Abiodun Omoniyi, Managing Director/CEO, VDT Communications Limited, said that their decision of launching 4G LTE service came with the successful acquisition of a broad channel 2.3GHz Spectrum from the Federal Government through Bitflux Communications Limited; a consortium which VDT is the principal partner.


According to him, the opportunity to actualize this dream came with the successful acquisition of a broad channel 2.3GHz Spectrum 5 years ago from the Federal Government through Bitflux Communications Limited; a consortium which VDT is the principal partner.

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VDT LTE is leveraging on the Bitflux network it painstakingly and deliberately built from the scratch to provide premium quality 4G broadband experience in the country. Despite the existence of other players in the market, Omoniyi said the decision to launch VDT 4G LTE service is owing to the gaps existing in the market.


VDT 4G LTE Advanced, he said, has come to fill the yawning gaps with superior network quality, top-notch network performance and proactive customer and support services.


He also stated that their vision is to provide world class services to their customers, noting that customers are at the center of their business.

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Omoniyi said that they will provide top-notch services that will usher in freedom to its customers in their houses and work place.


The VDT Communications boss explained that their aim is to be at the forefront of championing the incoming revolution in the broadband service ecosystem.



The company is an ISO 9001:2015 and the 1st ISO 20000:2011 internationally certified Telecom Company in West and Central Africa for excellent IT service management and winner of several awards including Broadband Company and Corporate Internet Service Provider of the Year 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2015, among several others.


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