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Ebola Virus: The Cave Bar Screens Customers *** As staffers go on full mask and gloves



Shina Eddo

Shina Eddo

The Cave Bar, located at 17, Joel Ogunnaike, GRA, Ikeja area of Lagos,  sure knows how well to give value for money spent in his club.
The globally dreaded disease, Ebola virus that has become a subject of concern to every dick and harry, has led the management of the celebrity hangout, The Cave Bar to test every customer with non-contact infrared thermometer to ascertain their level of temperature before giving a visa into the club auditorium.
The Rycom RC008 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer has been developed by using the latest infrared technology. This technology allows temporal artery (TA) temperature to be taken at a distance of about 3-5cm away from the forehead to measure the temperature of a person by the energy the person emits. This, to an extent, it’s going to inform you about the primary status of the person’s well-being before gaining entrance into the highly patronized and exotic strip club.
Dr. Shina, a frontline nightclub businessman in Lagos, is leaving no stone unturned to secure and provide maximum security for his line of customers in all ramifications hence his decision off putting the device in place.

Not only that, Dr. Eddo has also made provision for thousands of face/ear loop masks and premium quality Sierra Max latex examination hand gloves to each customer on admittance; all this in a bid to prevent transmission from either customers or staff with Ebola or its related virus.


Shina’s business acumen in this nightclub business, no doubt, cannot be contested for, little wonder, captains of industries, top politicians, turn the place their second home trusting that the man at the helm of affairs, Shina has safety and security as his watch-word.





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