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Don’t Ask Me How I Made My Money-Ubi Franklin



Ubi Franklin

Made Men Music Group (MMMG), Ubi Franklin doesn’t like being asked how he made his money.

Franklin revealed his dislike for the question on his Instagram account saying ”Very Annoying when people ask questions like “how did he make his money” “where him carry money from” Why do you want to know how He/she made Money?”


The soft-spoken Franklin added that asking how a man or woman made his money is a fundamental issue that needs fixing.


“There is a fundamental issue here and we need to fix it starting from The Youths of our dear Nation.”

The music executive wondered how people tend to hold hardworking young men accountable and forget there are people who are elected into power and going by what they earn officially cannot afford the lifestyle they live.

He has thus asked people not to ask him questions such as ‘how did you make your money’.


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