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I Had To Create A Personality To Pay My Bills- Comedian Ogbolor




Actor, dancer and comedian, Ogbolor, has revealed how he has gone from dancing, acting and comedy.

Speaking during an interview, the comedian who is popular for playing an imbecile said he has seen his career swinging into different spheres.

He also spoke on how he acted in Jenifa’s Dairy explaining that Funke Akindele actually invited him to act in the movie.

On his tripod personalities namely James, Michael and Ogbolor, he explains thus “I grew up as Michael, who is deep, loves his space and likes to read. However, James is something else. Ogbolor is the stand-up comedian who has come to be know. Ogbolor is a personality I created to pay my bills.”

Speaking on how he manages his female admirer, Ogbolor said “it’s a normal thing. I know how to manage them. We are all friends and the fact that I played basketball also helps, as the attention has always been there. The fact that I had a sister and her friends used to be around made me aware of them.”

On how he manages fame, Ogbolor said that his destination is still far. “I know that a lot of my friends would consider themselves successful if they had the kind of fame I have, but for me, I am yet to get there.” Ogbolo, said the problem with a lot of up and coming comedian is that they want to blow at once. However, he advised them to find a mentor.

Ogbolor, explains that mentors help a lot, but it is something a lot of aspiring acts are overlooking.

On future plans, Ogbolor explains that hopefully by next year he would start a show. “I am taking my time, but by next year I will have a show which will encompass my comedy, my acting, dancing and radio work.

This comedian definitely has plans, as he is a creative to look out for.



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