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Clever Luggage Tips For Air Travel



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To lighten the burden of packing your luggage, the following are some clever tips to significantly help with the process. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 clever luggage tips for air travel.

Favour Soft Exterior Bags

Soft exterior bags are better because you can easily shove them to fit into available space, especially for carry-on bags. Bags with hard cases are much harder to shove, and regardless of how much you shove them in, if they don’t fit they don’t fit.


When Opening an Overhead Bin, Always Put Your Hands Up

This is so that you are in place to catch anything that might all of a sudden drop out of the bin, so it doesn’t fall on your head or injure you. It is best to use an overhead bin in your immediate area for safety and security reasons. Even if the bin is not directly overhead to you, you should at least be able to see it from where you are seated.


Favour Thin Clothes Over the Thick Ones

Thin clothes pack flatter than thick ones. They fit easily into your suitcase, and are unlikely to make your bag weigh as heavily as thick ones do. It really makes a huge difference when you consider it. When packing, stick to travel-friendly clothing options like micro-fleece pullovers, lightweight clothing and weather-resistant fabrics. If you can’t avoid traveling with heavy or bulky clothes, you can try wearing these heavy clothes on the plane or holding them in your hands. Of course, if you going to do this, you can’t carry more than one or two of such clothes along with you.


Consider Compatibility

When packing, try to let go of the idea of wearing different outfits for each day, consider compatibility instead. Compatibility is a very important key to packing lightly because it helps you select versatile and easily interchangeable pieces that will make it easier for you to pack less clothes. When packing for compatibility, try to focus first on basic colours, then add varieties with additional tops and accessories that have more colour and personality. This is will help you to reduce the number of clothes you need to pack and make it easy for you to change your look by creatively mixing and matching.


Roll Your Clothes Rather Than Folding Them

Roll your clothes instead of folding them to help save space and prevent your clothes from creasing. When you roll your clothes, you’ll be left with a lot more space in your travel bag or suitcase to use however you desire, and you will also prevent creasing more effectively than when you fold them

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