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Chidinma Ekile, Kiss Daniel’s ‘Romance’




One trend which is fast becoming popular in the music industry is make-believe relationships. It’s an easy and cheap way to get publicity.


This trend is popular among fast fading musicians and budding ones. Hence, you find insinuative picture being strategically released to announce or speculate a new relationship between one artiste and the other. This scenario is popular to promote a song or an artiste.


Late last year, the speculation of a relationship between Davido and Lola Rea went viral. Later, it was Teckno and Lola Rea, a relationship they both confirmed, but nothing came off it in months that followed.


Another of such relationship which has been trending for a while is that between Davido’s manager, ASA Asika and DJ Cuppy. Amidst the speculations, there have been unimaginable claims surrounding the relationship including DJ Cuppy renting a whole cinema for them to watch the trending movie, ‘The Black Panther’.


Shockingly, one of such relationship which has just been unveiled is that between Chidinma Ekile and Kiss Daniel. Chidinma is 26 years old and Kiss Daniel is 23. While both musicians are talented, Chidinma has not been favoured with hits in recent times, while Kiss Daniel has been churning them out endlessly with one of his latest being ‘Yeba’.


Kiss Daniel’s ability to churn out hits continuously has seen him maintaining a level of fame and this music pundit have said is the reason why a relationship between them has been initiated, perhaps to resuscitate the ember of Chidinma’s smothering career.


While Chidinma has not been too active in recent times, she can hopefully take some shine off Kiss Daniel as long as the suppose relationship last long enough. However, for how long will this sustain her?


Those who have tired this same path in the past eventually found out that it only last a while, as churning out real music is the only way to sustain relevance in the industry.


Hopefully, it won’t be too long before Chidinma realises this and goes back to working hard to releasing the kind of music she was once known for.

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