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Caroline Danjuma Encourages Daughter To Listen To Song By Stripper



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Erstwhile actress,  Caroline Danjuma, has endorsed   the song of stripper cum singer Cardi B for her daughter.

The onetime actress revealed that her head was messed up as a young girl because she listened to love songs by her Celine Dion.

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According to her, while growing up her head got messed up from listening to Celine Dion’s music which made her believe that love was a beautiful fairy tale.

The fair-complexioned woman revealed that it was that way with her until reality gave her a dirty slap.

To avoid this happening to her daughter, she has therefore encouraged her daughter to listen to songs by Beyonce and Cardi B.

While Beyonce is a world acclaimed musician, Cardi B is known as a musician. However, she once had a career as a stripper.

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