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Bizarre: Friends Reveal How Socialite Obaro Ibru Went Wild On Louise Priddy*** Details of How He Left Her With A Breaken Hand



Obaro Ibru

Obaro Ibru


Louise Priddy with her broken hand

Louise Priddy with her broken hand 

It was like a horror movie when upwardly mobile socialite Obaro Ibru descended on Louise Priddy leaving her with a broken and an a swollen upper lip.

Eye witness report revealed that at a social function a drunk Ibru had approached Priddy’s table and started harassing one of her friend. While Priddy’s friend had attempted to react she was placated not to react due to Ibru’s drunken state.

Ibru, was said to have left the table without any sign of him been angry only to lay an ambush for Priddy while she was engaged in a conversation with a friend. Ibru, was said to have waited till Priddy ended her conversation and grabbed her head in an attempted forced kiss, as he was said to have almost bite off her upper lip.

Presently, friends of Priddy are asking her to sue Ibru, but she seem to be taking her time perhaps considering the media frenzy that such a step will elicit.

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