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Bishop Chris Kwakopvwe’s Messy Triangle



Bishop Kwakopvwe

In recent times, Bishop Chris Kwakopvwe, publisher of daily devotional ‘Our Daily Manna’, has been on the radar.


The man has become a talking point for several allegations albeit he has denied all.


In his time as a minister, two names have been recurrent, Tamara Egbedi and Rita Ibeni.


While Egbedi dragged Bishop Kwakopvwe to court for negligence arising from an accident she suffered in his crusade, Ibeni’s case was a bit different, as she was accused of fraud and theft by the publisher.


Although she maintained she was being victimized many decided to go with the Bishop’s story of trials and tribulations.

Whatever is the real deal with Bishop Kwakopvwe, one fact remains he is a man who seems to attract controversy like bee to honey.



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