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Best Suya Spots in Eko



Millennium Park

Suya is one of the most cherished delicacies or street foods in Lagos. It knows no tribe, religion or ethnicity. It is mainly prepared by the Hausas of Northern Nigeria and consumed by everyone. It is made from grilled cow meat, sprinkled with pepper and its mouthwatering taste makes you drool that you want to eat more, more and even more.

While some spots in Lagos are unpopular, others are widely known for their expertise in producing hot and spicy Suya. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal identifies best places to buy Suya in Lagos. You are really missing if you have never tasted this delicacy and sorry for the veggies!

University of Suya

This is arguably one of the popular Suya spots in the centre of excellence.  The University of Suya, faculty of meatology  is located on Allen Avenue, Ikeja. It is managed by Umaru Abdullahi whose Suya talent has turned the place to some sort of mecca for the delicacy. You can visit with friends to relax, eat fresh grilled suya as well as gulp your favourite beverages.

Glover Court Suya

For over 20 years, Glover Court Suya in Ikoyi has provided flame-grilled suya. It is an open-air and enjoyable hub where you can walk or drive in to buy the delicacy from mallams. It is flavoured with cucumber, tomatoes, and pepper.

Lekki Suya spot

The Lekki suya spot is a one-stop centre for anything that is grilled.  It seats next to Bukka Hut, a well-known restaurant in Lekki. The ambience is very formal as you are served by professional Suya chefs. You can’t miss this spot, especially in the evening.

Barbecue City

Barbecue City is located in Shomolu , Yaba. It is the best place for Suya on the Yaba axis. It is another pleasant place to have a good taste of Suya.

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