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Best Places in the World to Travel to



There are indeed beautiful places in this world, places that will make you marvel at their allure, and Jumia Travel, shares 4 of these beautiful destinations to visit and explore whenever you are chanced.

Copenhagen, Denmark

This Danish capital has an allure that has attracted an increasing number of tourists to the destination over time. As a matter of fact, travel to the city has recorded an over 80% increase over the past decade (according to Time Magazine). There are a host of activities to enjoy and explore here, with new dining and drink options opening in recent months.



This is a remote island nation off the east coast of Africa. Over the years, it has been a choice destination for travelers who just want to getaway to enjoy some solitude, and towards the tail end of 2017 more airlines were recorded  to have begun service to Mauritius (according to Time Magazine). This provides an opportunity for more visitors to enjoy the country’s stunning Indian Ocean beaches, exciting tourist activities and destinations, as well as mouth-watering seafood cuisine and delightful hospitality.

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This is one of Africa’s great safari destinations and the birthplace of walking safari. It is also the home of some of the most highly trained guides on the continent. In Zambia’s national parks, visitors can hope to be captivated by beautiful animals as well as baobab trees. The Liuwa Plain National Park is the setting for the world’s second-largest wildebeest migration, and just last year, the ‘King Lewanika Lodge’, a six-villa safari lodge which overlooks a watering hole where hyenas and antelopes gather, was built.


Abu Dhabi

This destination has a growing reputation as the cultural capital of the Middle East that is fast becoming a treasure-trove of world-class art and groundbreaking architecture, and this is especially manifested in the ‘Saadiyat Cultural District’. Stunning and beautiful places to explore in the city of Abu Dhabi include: the Jean Nouvel-designed Louvre Abu Dhabi, Qasr al-Hosn, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, etc. You can also do some shopping and enjoy good entertainment at the Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi.

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