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Best Nigerian cities to visit with a group of friends



Travelling alone is fun…usually. However, there is this sublime excitement and eventual fulfillment that comes from group travel: you do not have the time to think about deadlines, dishes, or meditate on personal battles as your friends keep you distracted and you can indulge in good food and conversation. 

Nigeria is an amazing destination as it offers a wide variety of cultures and exotic locales. This also means there are a number of cities perfect for visiting with friends. If you are visiting the country with friends and wondering,, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site has the lowdown on five amazing cities with great bars, restaurants, landscapes, and activities to keep any crew happy, day and night.


One of the favorite locations for Nollywood movies, Asaba is a major ‘fun’ capital that screams to be visited in a group. With an endless abundance of bars, galleries, clubs, and restaurants, take a break from the overwhelming Nigerian history and relax on the beach, or window shop through one of the most many shopping areas in the city.


A city popular for hosting Africa’s biggest annual street party known as the Calabar Carnival, Calabar’s rustic charm and sweet hospitality attracts groups of visitors all year round.. The  tasty delicacies, beautiful architecture and reasonable standard-of-living also  makes it is popular with tourists and locals alike. Life in this city is pretty much zenand would be enjoyed most by a large groups of close friends looking to spend quality time together.

Women laughing together on urban rooftop


An entertainment, business and culture hub, Lagos is the best city for hitting every necessary indulgence.  Crowded, very historical, certainly the ultimate party destination, with distinctive shopping, bustling nightlife and no shortage of fine dining… the place is just too much to see and enjoy all by yourself. Life in the city is generally fast-paced, and while it is not exactly dangerous, having your crew as backup is not exactly a bad idea. It is the perfect destination for any group of friends.


With a lot of young people in the city –thanks to the tertiary institutions around town –it is not secret that the city is energetic and hip…and the nightlife in Enugu can be epic too. Enugu’s clubs have wild dance floors and multiple tiers, so you’ll need a big crew to take them on. For other hours of the day, there are opportunities for group fun activities.



Abuja like Lagos is another popular metropolis in Nigeria, except that the level of fun experience in the area is on a smaller scale. Basically, it is not as overwhelming as Lagos can be. With spots like Jabi Lake, Silverbird Cinema and Millennium Park, sightseeing…and chilling…is huge in this area.  For girl groups, there are ample opportunities for shopping as there are a myriad stores within the city looking to give value for money spent.

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