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Best camping gears for adventures around Nigeria



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As the dry season draws to a close, everyone’s hitting the outdoors with friends and family in a bid to enjoy the last bits of sunshine before the dark cloud rain in!

With fun summer activities like kayaking on the Lagos lagoon, jet-skiing at Oniru beach and camping gaining popularity in urban parts of Nigeria, here’s a neat list of adventure essentials to help you live on the edge, wherever your wanderlust may take you.

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Portable Juice Maker

If you feel like a fresh glass of juice when camping, you’ll absolutely love this compact juice maker. Tapped as the “smallest and most versatile handheld juice extractor”, the portable juicer uses a semi-automatic ladle to squeeze out more liquid than the average handheld device. The best part is that it does not need electricity to function, just a few fruits, water and your good to go!

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Wood Burning Campstove

Sleek, convenient, and pocket-friendly, this wood-burning campstove does more than cook a good meal. It also converts the heat from a coal fire into electric energy large enough to charge a mobile phone, torchlight, and other mini-gadgets.

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Professional multifunction compass

Have you seen how thick the forests at Idanre Hills are? If you get lost by chance and have no internet service, you’ll need a credible tool to help you get home safely. This is where a professional compass comes in. These compasses are waterproof, shockproof, and are easy to use in the dark due to their phosphorescent illumination. If a night lost in the wild isn’t your thing, then a multifunction compass should be on your luggage list.

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Smart Watch

Popular the world over, the water-resistant smart watches are a tremendous accessory for any out-door enthusiast looking for a great piece of wearable tech. With some having impressive dual-layer display, barometers and innovative 100-meter water resistance structure, a cool time piece can set you on the path to fun times.

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Portable Water Filter

This tube is a really important for everyone who loves camping, hiking, or spending time in the great outdoors. The filter uses a 2-stage filtration process to remove bacteria, excess chlorine, weak viruses, and murky taste, giving safe and healthy water on the go. Manufactured from durable stainless steel, this water filter works works with a recyclable carbon capsule and doesn’t need electricity or battery power.

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