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Best bookstores in Lagos



Thanks to online shops and digital retailers, independent bookstores in Lagos are suffering a significant demise. Luckily, there are some stores that are yet to succumb to the online competition and still have a robust selection of books to offer buyers who wander into their shops.

If you are visiting Lagos and searching for places to get books – whether for school, leisure or personal development,, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking website, highlight 5 bookstores in Lagos that offer bestsellers in every category.



This gorgeous store has a solid reputation, rightfully earned by its well-rounded selection of bestsellers and favorite fiction from the near and distant past. There are also generous sections for mainstream titles and children’s literature. Art exhibitions here are frequent, as are readings and other literary events. They also sell CDs and the staff is always helpful with first-timers who have no clue as to where to find what they are looking for.

The Hub

Located inside The Palms shopping mall, LekkiThe Hub is so deeply woven into the fabric of Lagos that it is routinely listed as one of the city’s essential book stores.  From Novels –African and foreign fiction- to classics, kid’s books, cookbooks, rare titles, art books and even signed first editions, this spot offers a lot of choices for the ardent reader. Again, a lot of the books available here are suitable for both the old, young and the young at heart.


CSS Book shop

Opened since 1869, CSS Bookshop has been around longer than most of the neighborhood’s residents and is the oldest bookstore in the city. Located in theBookshop House,  Broad Street, Lagos, expect to find a mix of educational books, academic textbooks, contemporary fiction, classics, magazines, and children’s books. The bookstore’s reputation often attracts tourists, and once inside, it is easy to understand the attraction as the building alone is huge landmark in the city.


The Jazz hole

A popular location on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, this small store offers a sanctuary from the usual commotion that pervades the area..If you think you are well-read, you you are bound to have fun time being challenged by not just the staff in this store but by others who visit the place. The Jazz Hole certainly is the best place for readers interested in picking the brains or other avid readers. A perk is the music that resounds in the location and occasional literary events.

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A great place for book lovers to browse and look around, Glendora offers a wide range of books, from modern paperbacks to forgotten classics. Located at Ikeja City Mall, It is a great place to buy a one-off present, including collectibles like limited editions and signed copies.  Prices are reasonable, and it is a lovely place to stand around browsing for an hour, before carrying on with your shopping or rendezvous at other stores in the mall.

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