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Artistes Looking For Free Services Get Sexually Harassed- Annjay




Annjay is a musician and model who is fast becoming known. She spoke about her music, business and love life in an interview with us.


You have been in the music industry for a while, how has it been?


It has been a mixed journey; a journey of the rough times, the not so rough and the good time.


What stage are you now?


I am at the stage where I am content, but still desire more. I am definitely not at the peak of my career or where I would like to be. However, everything is good now compared to when I just started.


How would you describe your drive as a musician?


I am encouraged to do better by the day. Like I said earlier, I am not yet where I want my career to be, but I am also aware of the fact that there are people who have put in the same number of years as I have into the music industry and are not where I am. I work hard and harder every day for a better me. I’m not perfect, but trust me, everything about Annjay is cool by God’s grace.


How would you measure your acceptability?


Without blowing my trumpet, I have been accepted in the music industry. I have performed on several Nigerian stages and even in other countries. I am working on making myself better by the day. Every day is a hustle for me. I have my fan base now compared to when I just started music. My fans like my music and they are demanding for more from me. Music is not something you rush, it requires patience and timing.


Sexual harassment is synonymous with young artistes in the entertainment industry, have you been a victim?


No. I haven’t.


How have you managed to escape it, knowing that it is almost a norm in the industry?


Music is all about the musician, the talent involved. If you have a means of livelihood besides your music, you will be able to pay for anything you want to do. I don’t see why you should be sexually harassed if you are not asking for a free song or production. It is mostly those looking for free services that end up being sexually harassed. Those who know me know that I am a workaholic. I started making my own money from advertisement at age 16. I don’t look for free productions or free songwriters. Besides, the producers I have worked with would almost qualify as big brothers or even family friends.


You made mention of the fact that you have a means of livelihood that pays for your music, tell us about it.


My business is in the beauty product industry. I went into beauty business because I like it. You know that I also model for some top brands, so beauty line as a business goes in tandem with what I do.


Tell us about your product line?


Typical of small businesses, we didn’t start big, but we have grown. Annjay products are international now. We have our clients globally. Some are in America, United Kingdom, South Africa, Ghana and several other countries. People order our products from all over the world and we ship to them.


How affordable are your products?


We are affordable, but we also sell quality and signature brands.


A beauty like you should either be married, in a serious relationship or engaged, which is it?


I am a very private person and I don’t think my love life should be discussed on the pages of newspapers. However, to answer your question, I would simply say that I am not searching.


You recently signed an endorsement deal with a Chinese firm, tell us about it.


I feel privileged. I am very happy about that achievement. Working as the brand ambassador of an international firm such as Ja Solar Energy Equipment Limited is a big deal for me. Other endorsements will definitely follow.


What keeps you going?


I try at all times to stay humble and happy.

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