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Apps that can help extend your phone battery life





A major concern for many smartphone users is the lifespan of their batteries. Users always want their battery to stay on while navigating from one web page to another amongst other things that the phone is used for as far as it is connected to the internet.

In spite of the fact that mobile phone companies are evolving ways to boost the capabilities of theirs, there are still complaints. As a result, app developers are innovating ways to prolong battery life. Now users can download any of these apps on android and iOS devices. Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal identifies some of the best application that can help prolong your battery life.

DU Battery Saver
This is one of the best battery saver for your phone. Its app closely monitors your battery informing users about the temperature, voltage and the type of battery your phone is using. In addition to this, it alerts you when the battery temperature is high and the need for you to end running apps. It is a reliable way of optimizing your battery.
Battery Booster

If you want to increase the lifespan of your battery by 20% or 30%, then download Battery booster. The app gives facts about the status of your battery as well as activate the ultimate mode which automatically all network connections like Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth and GPS when your battery falls to 15%.

Battery Doctor

Described as the professional battery saver, the application will help extend the life of a battery by 50% according to the developers of the app. The application ‘kills’ irrelevant apps that are sapping your battery of energy, informs users of the precise charging time and remaining time, and end all running apps when the screen is idle.

Snapdragon Batteryguru

A battery guru that was developed by Qualcomm. This application helps to prolong your battery life without compromising the settings of the phone. For example, if youuse a particular Wi-Fi, the app will recognize it. So, when next you use it, the app will not shut down your Wi-Fi and it will still maintain your battery usage.

Battery optimizer and cleaner

This is a double-edged battery saver that helps ‘optimize’ battery life as well as boost the performance of your phone by ridding it of cache as well as junk. This cleaner feature also helps in increasing battery life.

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