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AMDON’s Innovation To Curb Car Theft In Nigeria



The Association of Motor Dealers of Nigeria (AMDON) is set to develop an authentic data base for its members and their vehicles under the supervision of the Nigerian Police Force in a bid to curb the menace of car theft in the country.

The President of AMDON, Prince Ajibola Adedoyin made this known while addressing Journalists at an MOU signing event between AMDON and Media Concepts International Limited, an IT company.

The event which took place at the company’s office in Lagos on Thursday, witnessed the presence of some members of staff of the company, senior executives of AMDON, at both the national and states levels, as well as a senior officer from the Department of ICT of the Nigerian Police Force.

The technological innovation is geared towards checking car theft and the status of any car to be sure it really belongs to the seller.

Stakeholders at the event uniformly affirmed that the initiative would bring an end to the incessant cases of stolen vehicles in the country.

Mr. Adedoyin while establishing a basis for the innovation said “When we looked inwards at the problems faced by our members and even the public, we thought of embracing this initiative. We service the majority of cars you see on the roads. When the case of car theft goes on the increase, you see some of our members closing shop and even face criminal cases in as much as ignorance is not an excuse. Our members can now conduct their businesses in a very safe atmosphere. A vehicle can be bought to you with original documents and yet, it is a stolen vehicle. But, now, you can know if a car is a stolen car or not, even from the point of purchase.

“It is a win-win situation for both the buyers the sellers and the Nigerian Police who are often left with the headache of going in search of missing cars that which has been the order of the day.

“Every business must have a regulatory body and we are going to ensure that every member complies because it is very important for our business and it is important for national security because we are always at the receiving end. When a thief steals a cars from a seller, we are sometimes made to pay back for it, as sellers, but when the thief is caught, who tells the thief to return the car or its price to the dealer?,” Adedoyin said.

Also Bearing the mind of the police on the groundbreaking invention, ACP Ayotunde Omodeinde, said:

“The Police working with AMDON would ensure that when vehicles are bought to them, they can confirm if the vehicles are stolen before buying and the members of AMDON can also inform the police discreetly to track and secure stolen vehicles and to ensure that people buy their cars without the fear of a likelihood of it being a stolen vehicle. This initiative is a laudable one in the area of reducing incidents of car theft.

Emphasising that the innovation has come to bring an end to vehicular crimes in the country, the Chairman of the company behind the innovation, Dr. Tope Agbeyo, bears his mind on the merits of the invention.


“This innovation is to improve on the safety and security of our people and to ensure that the standard of doing business in motor dealership is greatly improved on.


“Today, we are taking a giant step on not just safeguarding the lives of people but also of property. Today, we are taking a step that would bring an end to the vehicular crimes we have in this country. I think people steal because they can use it or they can sell it. But if you can’t of use or sell what you have stolen, you won’t venture into stealing again. And in the process of stealing from someone, lives can be terminated.


“Media Concept is on top of the game and we are happy to say that we are capable. Let me tell you that we are known for quality. Anything less than quality, we don’t venture into it.


“You can now buy a vehicle and you are sure of the status of your vehicle. You can now know if the car is a stolen vehicle. I think that, for this, we really need to applaud the Nigerian Police Force for collaborating with us.


“All dealers register their cars on the platform and even when your car has been stolen for years back, you can now track it and get it back,” said Agbeyo.


Meanwhile, the portal, as revealed by the company is and it is at no cost implication.


PoliceBCMR uses wireless technologies to electronically identify vehicles and authenticate owner’s identity, status and authenticity of vehicle data through the use of handheld terminal and smartcard. It is an integrated customized system intended to be a complete solution for Nigerian Police Force in ensuring public safety.


The PoliceBCMR captures and manages vehicle registration, owner information i.e. Bio data, Biometrics, photograph and keep track of vehicle activities and user statistics. It enables real time contact with vehicle owners when the need arises and makes it difficult for any stolen vehicle to be re-registered within Nigeria. It easily enables tracking down of automobile that is involve in crime.


The key functions of the PoliceBCMR include:


Enhanced Incident Reporting

Makes tracking down of stolen vehicles easy

Police will be able to contact automobile owners in real time should the need arise

Information broadcast to field officer’s handheld device

Crime Watch list

Forensic Analysis

Face matching (pictures and videos)

Information Broadcast to field officer’s Handheld device

Usage of Handheld terminal with and without Smartcards

Vehicle Owner Document Expiry Notification

Incidents type (Stolen Vehicle, Accidents)


Under the nose of jounalists cutting across several media outfits, the MoU was signed by the parties concerned and greeted with an applause by all, with unending praises to the Nigerian Police Force.


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