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Amazing benefits of going for walks



Sometimes all you need to get fitter, healthier and happier with your weight and health is to go for walks. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 amazing benefits of going for walks.

It Reverses Damage From Prolonged Sitting

The body was made to move, that’s why the body has so many joints. If you go from sitting all day at your work-station to sitting on a couch at home, a short walk can offer you a lot of health benefits. Muscle activity and blood flow from as little as three to five minute walks a day can reverse the negative effects of prolonged sitting on your leg arteries. Try to take short strolls as often as possible even while at work.

It Lowers Stress

Going for walks helps to lower stress when done in open natural spaces, particularly in people who have dealt with an emotionally traumatic event. The brain enters a sort of meditative state when you walk through these ‘green’ spaces and this helps to relieve stress.

It Energizes You

If you regularly experience fatigue, this can be one of the ways to help rejuvenate your body. A low intensity exercise like walking can help to increase your energy level and decrease fatigue, and it is unlikely to make you exert yourself beyond what your body can handle.

It Helps You at Work

Researchers have found that people who walk more at work are less bored, less stressed and more satisfied than those who stand or sit all day at their work station.

It Improves Creativity

Walking has been found to increase creativity levels during the walk and shortly after. Walking produces twice as many creative responses as when you are sitting. Whether you go for a walk outside or inside your house or workplace, you’ll get the benefits.

It Modestly Reduces Body Fat

Walking, especially light walking, might not exactly get your whole body ripped and toned, but it does helps you lose some fat here and there, and can help to maintain your body weight. Walking can also help to tone your legs, bum and tummy if done often enough and if done briskly.

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