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Akad Records Debut In Music Industry



Akinwale Ademokoya


Akad Records, home to the fast-rising artiste, Lil Dee has officially launched into the music industry.

Dedicated to discovering, supporting, and promoting visionary African artistes from around the globe, the label officially announced its presence in the music scene in a statement sent to The Octopus News.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, Akinwale Ademokoya revealed what the new record label has to offer.

“As a Management Company, Akad Records will make its mark in West, East, and South Africa through their proposed offices in Nairobi, Kenya. The company’s launching is a boost for the music industry in Africa.

“With the launch of Akad Records, we are now positioned as a uniquely Pan-African label.

“We will coordinate releases to synchronize in unison from Lagos to Lesotho and from Nairobi to Niamey.”

Adding that he was very excited about the opportunities of a ‘borderless Africa’, the boss of Akad Records said:

“I am excited to make a movement that is borderless and that exports Africa’s best talents to the world.

“We are joining forces with some international players in the industry who are already doing it big and we will keep pushing to make beautiful music.

“At Akad Records, we believe in dreams, we believe in success, we believe in greatness, together,” Akinwale said.

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