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Airport tips for Nigerians who love to travel




Travel buffs in Nigeria prefer to travel by air; however, they would admit that the airport may not be one of the favorite aspects of their trips. From the intimidating crowd, long lines and delayed flights, getting through the airport can be a struggle!  

Airports do not have to be a complete nightmare though. There are many ways to navigate airports like a pro, saving you a lot of time and money, also, making your journey faster and more comfortable. Here are 6 airport hacks from, for Nigerians who love to travel.


Make your luggage easy to spot

Most luggages come in dark colours and similar designs so it can be extremely difficult to identify at the airport. Aside from causing undue delay, especially when you end up with someone else’s luggage, not being able to identify your luggage can cause a measure of frustration. To avoid all that and ensure a quick getaway at baggage claim, go for an eye-catching suitcase. It could be in manner of design or in colour. You could also just tie a brightly colored fabric or ribbon to the handles too.

Meet friends at departures

The airport, especially arrivals, usually buzzes with a crowd of people and so it can be difficult locating someone or identifying a stranger you are meant to meet. To cut out the stress of roaming the entire airport in search of a friend or contact, ask the person to meet you at the departures. It is so much easier there.


Search for an airport buddy when delayed

If you are travelling alone and your flight has been delayed. Rather than sit on your own and perish in agony, seek out someone else and make friends with them. Unlike other airports around the world, Nigerian airports do not offer free Wi-Fi, so your chances of alternative entertainment may not be high if you do not have data on your phone. To keep things interesting, search for someone who looks roughly your age and go chat them up.

Do not hesitate to ask for free things

Nigerians they tend to shy away from freebie in public lest they be judged as freeloaders. Unfortunately, refusing to ask for free things when you are at the airport can deprive you of very luscious benefits or opportunities to save. Ensure you take advantage of special events like birthdays and honeymoon! Inform the airline staff of your unique situation and ask for the possible privileges attached to it. The worse that can happen is a polite no.

Passengers walk through the newly opened Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia May 16, 2012. The new $1.4 billion terminal, a 1.2 million square foot facility that is LEED certified officially opened its doors welcoming their first flights.   REUTERS/Tami Chappell   (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS TRANSPORT)

Wear Your Extra Luggage

Sometimes, you find that when you get to the airport and your carry-on weight is over the limit…even if you already weighed it at home. Rather than toss some of the items away or going into a gift shop in the airport and asking for a large shopping bag with which you can carry all the extras, you can simply wear the heaviest items in layers to get past security, and once you are done with security, you then head to the nearest bathroom and switch out of the clothes.

Always use the checkpoints on your left

It almost amazing how most people in the airport always steer to the right when choosing a security checkpoint line, leaving fewer people in line on the left. To save time and reduce stress, just head toward the left rather than the right.

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