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Aging Single Ladies: Juliet Ibrahim Is Holding Brief For You



Juliet Ibrahim

It is common to find friends, family members and relations asking aging single ladies when they will be getting married.

In fact, at an age, a lady is considered a liability if she is not married.

If she is still living in her parent’s house then the case is worse.

However, Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, thinks that it is wrong to ask ladies when they will be getting married.

She shared a photo of herself where she was staring at her phone and wrote: “Stop this habit of asking people to get married because their age-mates are married. Even you, some of your age mates have died but nobody has asked you to die.”

As it is, it appears she is fighting the cases of a lot of aging, but single ladies or is she fighting her case?

Ibrahim is currently single having divourced her husband Kwadwo  several years back.

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