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Agbani Darego-Danjuma Inches Closer To Ruby Jubilee



Agbani Darego

For Agbani Darego-Danjuma, life has been good.

Since emerging on the fashion scene, the beauty has been an all-round success story.

Till date, her signature achievement as the first black Miss World remains in the anal of history.

Her long list of achievements increased by one, as she added another leaf to her proverbial cap, when she recently turned 38 years old.

Devoid of the trappings of a birthday party perhaps due to the global pandemic and the fact that she did not turn a significant age, the wife of Ishaya Danjuma sure achieved the goal of inching closer to her ruby jubilee.

Born on 22 December 1982, Darego-Danjuma as a Nigerian model and beauty queen, took the world by surprise when she was crowned Miss World 2001.

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