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Abiodun Yaguda embraces reality?



Mrs. Abiodun Yaguda (Right)

Mrs. Abiodun Yaguda (Right) receiving an award

The conflict of who should be the first Lady of Bauchi State between Abiodun and Nafisa Yaguda, both wives of the governor has raged on for years now. However, in recent times, it seems to have been resolved.

While it was on, most people had assumed Abiodun who is Yaguda’s senior wife and a more sociable person should wear the cap, but because the governor was often stepping out with a much younger Nafisa, people assumed she had been bestowed with the title and her mate relegated.

The general postulation in the social circle now is that Abiodun has settle down to the role of simply enjoying herself by partying, while her husband and Nafisa play the official role of Governor and First Lady.

Abiodun was in a world of her own, dancing to music from the bandstand when saw her at a recent party.

Her new demeanour people say has given credence to the fact that she might just have accepted her fate.

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