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6 Interesting Tips for a Ladies day’s out!




Are you a single lady? Do you want a wonderful weekend or summer treat? Well, you can reach out to your ‘girlfriends’ and go on a vacation with the tips we have got for you.

Many psychologists say that the best moments in life are the one spent in the company of friends and family. As usual, shares some ideas that can help you plan a wonderful bachelorette getaway in Lagos or any other destination of your choice!

Similar interests.

For a fun day with your girls, invite friends that you have similar likes and tastes with; especially the ones who are true to you and will have no qualms packing a bag and hopping on the next vehicle out of town just to make you happy.

Tagging along people you have a frosty or malicious relationship with can spoil the mood and nobody wants to live with that memory. If you have got childhood friends who you would like to reconnect with, now is also a good time to meet and bond with them.

Divide duties and responsibilities

After, you have secured their interest in your idea, it is important that you share the responsibilities among yourselves.

Figure out whose duty it is to handle things like transport, food, drinks, and the spot you’ll be spending your time together. Sharing responsibilities will lift the burden of the trip off a single woman and everyone will feel happy to contribute to the success of each day or picnic.

Set rules and guidelines

If your friends have got a wide variety of interests, it is important for you to set up simple ground rules which you know every person will be comfortable complying with.

For example, fix a time for lights out, to eat and party and decide whether men are allowed into the ladies camp or not. Of course if men are around, it no longer makes it a single ladies affair.

Decide on where you want to go

Sample the opinions of everyone who is interested in the trip before deciding where to have the vacation. Importantly, don’t go to a place where there is no telephone communication network or somewhere with a history of violence in the hunt for ‘adventure’.

Don’t overschedule

Planning to do many things on a weekend vacation can be stressful and nerve wrecking. You don’t have to partake in all the activities on the list. Pace yourself and be comfortable to cheer others on from the side-lines. You don’t want to return from the vacation worn out and tired.

Inform your family

This is important. Other people need to know where you are going; especially on a trip out of town. This gives you a sense of accountability and security.

Even if you choose not to tell them specifically where you are going, it is advisable to give them an idea of the destination in general.

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