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5 ways you are screwing your Personal Computer



Many people rely heavily on their personal computer to work. For a few months, your system may function at full capacity however over time it can begin to display annoying signs like taking forever to boot or respond. Although this may be as a result of hardware problems, there are some things you may be doing that may be negatively affecting your system., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 5 of these things.

Not backing regularly

Backing up your system does not take so much time. You can use cloud storage sites like Google or DropBox for the backup or a hard drive. However, if you do not backup as often as possible, something may happen to your system leading you to lose your data and files.

Not updating the antivirus

An antivirus stops malware and viruses from piling up in your system. Hence, it has to be up-to-date. The absence of an antivirus is perhaps the easiest way you are screwing up your system. Virus can force you to format your PC. So, having an updated antivirus and backing up regularly goes hand-in-hand.

Using weak passwords

Passwords are the key to accessing your different accounts. A weak password or a password that others can easily guess will inevitably get your system hacked someday. Avoid using 1234 or qwerty. Strong passwords make your system difficult to crack.

You not upgraded your Windows

Windows 10 is last  in the series of Microsoft window. If you have not upgraded to 10, you should at least have Windows 8.1 rather than windows 8 or 7. If you have the current windows, you will enjoy some security features that are not available for other windows.

You are downloading from risky websites 

There are certain websites you visit that may put your system at risk. Sites where you download movies, music, games and even porn sites can put your system at risk. Henceforth, before you download anything, make sure you are downloading from a safe website. To make it easy, your antivirus will tell you if the site is safe or not.

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