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5 ways to travel the minimalist way



Almost every traveler would love to carry less luggage on a trip. The idea of minimalisttravel transcends the concept of just limiting yourself, either in terms of comfort, style, adaptability, or whatever while on the road. It is more about efficiency!

While minimalism can often be quite a challenge, it brings with it a number of exquisite benefits: you travel easier and with much more comfort; and you have tend to have a much more marvelous travel experience generally. If you are looking to travel the minimalist way,, Africa’s no.1 online hotel booking services offer 5 tips on how to do so.


Draw a budget and stick to it

A sure way to guarantee you are travelling the minimalist way is to draft a very shrewd but feasible budget for your trip. You also need to follow the budget to the letter, making sure you refrain from impulse buying or going into any sort of debt.

Pack light

Travelling with a lot of baggage can slow you down and basically take out the joy from the enite journey. Travelling the minimalist way implies that, rather than pack so many suitcases; you stick to just one carry-on and maybe a back pack. This means that you minimize what you take with you and ensure everything fits in one bag no matter how long your trip is for.
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Buy or borrow certain items as you go

A minimalist traveler understands that he does not need to pack every single thing he believes he would need at his destination. Pack only the essentials and buy or borrow whatever else you may need as you go. For instance, you may not need to pack  towel, soap or creams as the hotel already provided those. You also do not need to pack your own food/ingredients as you may be able to buy what you need at local shops in the destination. Basically, pack twice the money and half the gear.

Stick to One Credit Card

Yes, you will want to have access to cash and it is safer to travel with credit cards or ATM cards rather than physical cash, but when travelling the minimal way, travelling with just one credit card is the way to go. Keeping a second card for back-up may seem like a wise decision, but it is actually unnecessary. Just ensure the one you travel with has the a decent amount of cash in it.


Wash clothes in the sink

Traveling with a few possessions and clothing would require regular laundering. Rather than spend a lot of money on laundry services or dry cleaning, the minimalist travel will certainly improvise: do every kind of washing in the bathroom sink, or bucket if provided, and hang to dry overnight. It saves a money and the possible risk of your clothe being damaged or ruined.




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