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5 ways to successfully apply for jobs on a Nigerian government website




The economic recession combined with the rate of unemployment has resulted in millions of Nigerians applying for almost every available vacancy. It is even worse if the offer is from the Federal Government. Consider this, 700,000 Nigerians apply for just 500 vacancies in the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

Interestingly, government have embraced the innovation of online applications. We all know how government is always foot-dragging when it comes to new technology. As the government roll out new vacancies, Nigerians are having a torrid time applying for these jobs.

As usual, Nigerians are very good with conspiracy theories. They have accused the agencies of knowingly making their server very slow while others say that they have already selected candidates. Whichever divide you belong, it is important to read this five tips to help successfully apply for a job a government website.

Read Instructions

Whether you are applying for a job or not; it is very important for you to read the instructions and job description. This will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes. It will even make your application faster and quicker.

Be Extremely Patient

There are thousands of Nigerians applying for the same job like you. So, you will experience frequent website crashes. So, you have to be extremely patient if you want to successfully apply. The best thing to do is for you to do your application in the wee hours of the day. At this time, there are less people online. The important thing is to keep trying.

Read other people’s experiences on websites

If you are having troubles with your application, you should visit websites like Nairaland and innovation village to read about other people’s experiences. This will help you navigate any issues you are having with your application.

Double-check your application

It is important to know that you may have only one opportunity to submit your application. Hence, you should ensure that you double-check your application. If you click submit, and you notice any mistake afterwards, it may reduce your chances of being selected.

Apply once

Even if this point is part of the instructions, some Nigerians don’t abide by these rules. They prefer to apply more than once with the mindset that it may improve their chances of being invited for the test. This is not the case. Most times, you will be disqualified if the computer software notice that you applied more than once. Just obey and apply once.

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