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Ways to keep your phone charged during a power outage



When there is no electricity, you cannot charge your phone. In addition to this, there is scarcity fuel. And as a gentleman you want to hang out with friends, call your sweetheart and also communicate with your clients. Some people may go to their neighbours to charge their phones but, not everyone  is nice enough to let you into their homes. How do you then charge your phone?, Africa’s Number 1 hotel booking portal shares 5 ways to keep your charged whenever there is a power outage no matter the intervening factors.

Use a solar powered charger

There is no doubt Nigeria is a country that has unlimited sunshine. Hence, rather than waiting forever for the distribution companies to restore power for a few minutes, it is better to purchase a solar powered charger. This is a multi-purpose device that can charge your phone as well as illuminate your home. It will keep your phone on for as long as there are sun rays in the clouds.

Laptop as backup

Although some tech experts argue that it is not good to use your laptop to charge your phone, there is always an exception to the rule. In case, you cannot afford to run out of battery and you have a laptop, connect your Universal Serial Board charger to your phone to power it on for a short while. This can also keep your phone on.


Stop running Apps

An easy way to run out of battery is when you run apps and data. You need to shut these apps and data down to save battery. There are smartphones like the Tecno M6 that shut down all apps and data connection and leave only the important apps like contacts, phone, message and clock running.

Use battery life app

There are countless apps that have been developed to extend your battery for Android and iPhone. You can download them to provide support to your battery. This can also do as much.


Take your phone to your neighbour

This may not sound too good to the ears of some people but when you really need to keep your phone on and the next-door neighbour has electricity, you may have no choice than to ask for their assistance. Not just any neighbour but a trusted one so that your phone will not be stolen.

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