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5 Reasons you should password your device



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Your data is worth a lot to thieves and fraudsters; therefore you should be careful with the sources these thieves and fraudsters can use to access these data. It is time to get rid of the notion that using a password for your devices means you have something to hide. This will help prevent sensitive data like banking and account details, social security details, corporate email information etc. from being unnecessarily compromised.

Jumia Travel shares 5 important reasons you should password your devices.

To Avoid Pocket Dialing
Pocket dialing, especially for smartphones and even basic phones, can be humorous or annoying, but most annoyingly because your airtime is being wasted without your knowledge. Here, a preloaded phone number can be dialed when a person has a phone in the rear pocket and sits on it, or if the phone gets ‘jostled’ in a purse or briefcase. This occurrence will be reduced, if not eliminated, if your device was locked with a passcode.

To Protect Your Private Information 
Symantec, a leading security software maker, conducted an experiment to encourage smartphone users to protect their private information. In the experiment, a phone was loaded with fake password, banking information, emails and photos, and a tracking software was installed on it to monitor what people will do with the phone when found. At the end of the experiment, the result showed 72 per cent looked through photos, 57 per cent checked out saved passwords and 43 per cent accessed the phone’s online banking app.

To Prevent Unwanted Prying Into Your Business
This goes without saying. Nosy friends, partners or family members who want to know about ‘every and anything’ you are doing, will have a field day with your ‘password – unprotected’ device. To protect your privacy and avoid unbelievably embarrassing and awkward scenarios, it’s best to password your device and encourage these friends, partners or family members to simply ask you questions about whatever they want to know.

To Monitor Others’ Use of Your Device
This is important especially if you have children that like to play with your devices. In the process of moving from one game app to another, children can keep your device running without rest till your battery runs down, regardless of the power situation. Also, without a password, a child can easily pick up your device and while looking for their favourite app, mistakenly rearrange, hide or delete sensitive information on your phone.

In Case of Theft
Theft is a sudden and unexpected occurrence. You don’t exactly see it coming. In the case of the theft of your device, it will be better for you if there is a security lock on your device.  This is because it gives you some time to inform your bank and other relevant institutions about the theft, before the thief is able to use personal data gotten from your device(s) against you. For some devices like the iPhone, once your device is stolen and it’s password-protected, it’s easier to remotely lock and wipe it.

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