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5 Awesome Ways to Overcome Road Rage




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With everyone in a hurry, road rage is a common scenario in commercial cities like Lagos and Kano. Patience has been sold to the snail. People want to get to their destination as quickly as possible without minding whose ox is gored. Hence, they curse bitterly and react angrily to every provocation by other road users.

We Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Portal rolls out 5 ways you to overcome road rage and become a better road user.

Plan ahead.

Raging and ranting on the road is not good for your health especially if you are susceptible to stress and heart diseases. So before you leave home, do a holistic plan of your day. Figure out where you want to go, map out the route and make room for gridlocks. This will help you stay prepared. If you are confused while driving, impatient motorists will honk you off the road.

Understand traffic rules.

Traffic rules aid motorists in becoming better drivers. However, as people ignore these laws, traffic offences as well as the rate of road accidents are set to increase. To manage road rage, it is important to obey traffic rules. It will come handy.

Don’t personalize bad driving.

Some drivers may be encountering challenges due to domestic problems. So, it is advisable not to take bad driving personal. Even if they are reacting, it is smarter to ignore them and allow them go their way. Don’t take offence.

Evade distractions.

If you are serious about managing road rage, try not to lose focus while driving. Distractions like chatting on social media, making calls and staring at the opposite sex can have fatal consequences. It is better to suspend whatever you want to do for later.

Embrace calmness.

Being calm in provocative situations is not an easy task especially when in a battle of wits with a fellow road user. It is helpful to stay calm and ignore the driver notwithstanding who is culpable. This will save you time and energy.



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